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Squirrel Acorn

Remember the small perky Squirrel in the film who is fighting for his life to find his acorn?

Squirrel Acorn has been inspired by the wonderful film called Madagascar. In this game, you are the fabulous Squirrel on his gold miner and you need to help him find his food so that he can happily eat.

Collect as many acorn’s as possible before the snow arrives! Make sure you find as many acorn’s before the blizzard hits or else he will starve!

Keep an eye on your timer and on the total money you have collected! Make sure you reach the objective to make your Squirrel happy and feel warm for the winter.

5. Squirrel Acorn - Purchase a game power 4. Squirrel Acorn - First complete your target 3. Squirrel Acorn - Create your high score 2. Squirrel Acorn - collect your objects 1. Squirrel Acorn - Start your game


  • Simple touch gameplay
  • Cute character and outstanding graphics
  • Challenging game

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